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People get personal loans to help with home repairs,
Open your account, pick your deposit date and start saving! You control your own account, save what you can afford!

Forced Savings

Make sure the money you need is there when you need it.

100% Secure

All Funds are Bonded and Insured.


Open Your Account

It's as easy as 1,2,3

1. You complete the application to establish your Special Purpose Account.

2. You decide which dates you want to have your deposits made into your Special Purpose Account.

2. You securely connect your funding bank account to your Special Purpose Account.


Make Deposits

You control your own pace, save what you can afford! The more you save the quicker you will be able to accomplish your savings goals.


Approve Disbursements

Your account fees will be automatically deducted from your Special Purpose Account while all other funds accumulated will remain in your account. Privica will then distribute the payments you approved to your payees. With your approval, Privica will send any agreed upon fees to your servicing company.

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