Why should you choose Privica?

3 reasons why you should open an SPA account with us.

Easy to Use

Open your account, pick your deposit date and start saving! You control your own account, save what you can afford!.

100% Secure

All Funds are Bonded and Insured

Forced Savings

Make sure the money you need is there when you need it.

Dedicated Account for anyone.

Privica’s Special Purpose Account (SPA) is a convenient and safe way to set aside funds in an account that is separate from your regular checking or savings account for budgeted items such as accumulating funds for specific financial goals. Account owners may add to these accounts on a regular basis, through automated deductions or as one lump sum. Setting up deposits into your accounts through automated deductions can make deposits easy, regular, and convenient.

Our SPA’s were designed with our clients in mind. It makes available the most modern and current account management products for select industries today

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